USA Economics offers a subscription plan to together tackle one financial issue at time.  We will begin with an thorough review of your financial situation and goals.  Then we’ll focus on the highest priority area before moving on to the next goal.  

We are the low-cost provider of unbiased advice on all issues related to money — Retirement Savings, Social Security, Debt, Health Insurance, College Planning, Estate Planning, and any other money matter. USA Economics focuses on the financial issues that matter to Middle-Class Americans and provides world-class service at an affordable price.

The subscription plan costs $100 a month.  The plan is cancelable at any time.  If you have a single issue (e.g. refinance mortgage) then a single month may suffice.  For most people we recommend several months to cover all the financial bases — we offer a six-month package for a one-time fee of $500.

The review will be conducted entirely by Dr. Paul Hamilton who is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP).  The client(s) will receive the following services:

  1. A two-hour session to understand your priorities, goals and current situation.  Preferably we have the opportunity to meet in person.  However if you are outside driving range we can certainly arrange a Skype session.
  2. A one-hour follow-up session on implementing the client’s goals.
  3. On-going support and accountability as the client pursues their goals.

Note:  USA Economics provides only advice — we do NOT have product sales — No up-selling of fee-loaded mutual funds, complex annuities or pricey whole life insurance!  Nor do we directly manage money — we will help you set up an account with Betterment, Vanguard or other broker who you are most comfortable with.

USA Economics LLC provides a world-class combination of pragmatic life strategies based on cutting-edge technology and on-going guidance in implementing the plans that will improve your life!

If you want to focus on just one or two areas that are most critical at this time, we can certainly accommodate your wishes.  Do you know a friend or family member who is at a focal point in their life? — approaching retirement, recently widowed or divorced, Just Married, college ambitions for children, or other major life event where a trusted advisor can assist in making wise decisions.

Please send me a message to set up a FREE introductory consultation to explore how USA Economics can help you make wise plans for the future.